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Israel Now Forum is a non-profit, community sponsored organization dedicated to comprehensively educating the community about the State of Israel – – a democracy and a nation/state of the Jewish people.

It is the objective of the Israel Now Forum to keep the community current, on a non-partisan basis, with accurate facts and objective analyses of issues regarding Israel, her history, her contributions to, and her role in, the world, and the opportunities and challenges presented to her, all for the long term benefit, and safety and security, of the State of Israel.

Israel Now Forum has been providing this education through in – person programs like our prior all day symposiums that many of you have already attended, and we are pleased to announce that we are currently planning our next in-person symposium for the weekend of Sunday, May 23, 2021. Details to follow.

And, in addition to these live symposium, we have expanded our educational offerings by making accessible to you, starting now, through the technology of virtual programming, a wide-variety of published postings (.e.g., webinars, videos, podcasts, and on-line articles) originating and/or authored from a broad cross-section of renowned Israeli authorities, scholars, and institutions.

Thus, our new virtual programming will not only give you free and easily retrievable access to relevant online postings from some of the most notable experts and authorities on Israel history and issues, but it will keep all of you current on late breaking developments, with the opportunity to then converse directly with the postings presenters at the next live symposium.

“Jerusalem of Gold” video compliments of Jewish National Fund


Yes! We are all Israel

Yes! We are all Israel

Whether we are Jewish or non-Jewish, we meet to study, to learn, to explore, and to understand even more about Israel. We do so now through Israel Now Forum’s live Symposiums and/or its newly offered Virtual Programming.

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